A word from Paul Browne, CTTC Administrator

If, as the saying goes, you are known by the company you keep, then the Carbondale Technology Transfer Center has made some impressive new friends and associates since it opened its doors in March of 1995. And we're looking for other businesses to share in the special advantages the Center has to offer.

With cooperative support from the Carbondale Enterprise Develop-ment Zone, Pennsylvania’s Ben Franklin Technology Partners and the University of Scranton’s SBDC and the University of Scranton (see About CTTC: An Overview), the Center is providing vital assistance to its current tenants and clients through use of existing resources as well as programs of our own. And we are prepared to offer these wide range of services to new tenants as well. These services can be delivered on-site at the Center so that travel outside of Carbondale becomes unnecessary.

The Center takes pride in providing its tenants and clients access
to professional business, financial and technological expertise and resources that, in turn, can assist them in the development of their new businesses and products. In addition, the CTTC is committed to reach out to the Carbondale community at large to support the existing business community, to encourage the launching of new businesses and to generate new tenants for the Center.

We believe the Center is making important contributions to the economic development of the Carbondale region. Since November of 1996, numerous new companies have been started at the CTTC. National studies show that communities which continuously produce start-up companies have the most stable economies and the best growth rates.

Our mission is two-fold. We will continue to assist our existing tenant companies to expand their enterprises in order to create new jobs in our community. And we will continue to seek other potential new businesses and help them in our ongoing effort to stimulate our region's economic growth. By creating new jobs, especially with technology-oriented enterprises, we will be offering a persuasive reason to a new generation of workers to stay in the region, while at the same time improving the local tax base and the area's standard of living.

For more information, please contact Paul Browne at 570-282-1255
or send an email to paul@cttc.org

Paul Browne - CTTC Administrator
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