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An Overview

Initiated by the Carbondale Enterprise Development Zone, the Carbondale Technology Transfer Center began when a feasibility study funded by the Pennsylvania Ben Franklin Partnership Program determined that a small business incubator would be successful in the Carbondale area. Incorporated in March 1995, the CTTC was launched in cooperation with the CEDZ, the University of Scranton, and others.

A $2.5 million appropriation secured by then-Congressman Joseph M. McDade and administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration funded start-up costs. Funding for 2000's expansion of the CTTC Incubator Facility was obtained through Congressman McDade and Congressman Don Sherwood and administered by the SBA. Additionally, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development funds for the expansion were obtained through Senator Robert Mellow.

Funding toward operational expenses is provided by Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Technology Partners and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Business Enterprise Grant program. Pennsylvania Power and Light Company, Fleet Pennsylvania Services and the PNC Bank Foundation have provided further financial support.

Our Mission

The Carbondale Technology Transfer Center's mission is to provide technical support, business assistance, financial resources and appropriate facilities to entrepreneurs, small businesses and light industry/light assembly manufacturers working with technology applications or innovative products or processes.

"We see that as requiring a blending of several components," CTTC Executive Director Paul Browne said. "We seek potential new businesses to locate here at the center and grow by using the tools and services we offer, but helping those companies to succeed helps to stimulate the local economy." At the same time, the center's relationship with its current tenants is carefully maintained.

"We continue to assist our existing tenant companies," Mr. Browne said. "It's important that we help them to expand their enterprises both to ensure their success and to create additional employment." Creation of new jobs with technology oriented enterprises has always been a major CTTC goal. This offers a persuasive reason for a new generation of workers to stay in the region.

"When entrepreneurs get the support they need as they start their businesses every one gains," Mr. Browne said. "Existing businesses gain new suppliers and companies, local people have increased job opportunities and local communities get the revenue they need to supply the services needed by their citizens and businesses. Clearly, your success is our success"

"Recent studies of the region by the Great Valley Technology Alliance have confirmed the validity of this approach," Mr. Browne said. "We believe this shows that the CTTC continues to be a leader in economic development initiatives in our area."

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